Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Would You Buy it Wednesday: Table Lamp

I found this table lamp at my favorite thrift store on Monday.  My sister and I had gone there in the hopes of getting a bird cage for her to decorate. Unfortunately, they forgot to bring it from their other store so she had to wait another day.

I bought this in the hopes that Ryker would not be able to break it. He has a running record of breaking lamps. It has a magazine rack on the bottom. It needs to be repainted. I paid $5 for it. Would you have bought it?

I also found some more owls at another thrift store.

The two brown ones are wall hangings. The Snow Owl was priced at $5.99 and I asked if I could get a better price since it was chipped in three spots. They marked it down to $1.99 It never hurts to ask for a lower price. The worse they can say is no (and call you a cheapskate behind your back.) On Ebay that Snow Owl, titled Arctic Flight, recently sold at auction for over $50

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  1. We have/had those magazine rack/lamp tables in our house. We bought a set when we first moved in and I loved them. A few years ago we had our house on the market. I would move one of t hem out to the garage with books in it and it fell apart. It got fixed, but eventually I sat it on the curb. One still remains, for now....

  2. Hey, look at that table! I've been on the hunt for another one for my sister! $5 is a great price and love the other finds.

  3. Oh wow, that's amazing! You got great deals on them too--that is awesome!!

  4. A multi-use table/rack and lamp. Maybe.Feeling very short on house space right now. Good buy price. I like the owls you have been posting. The bird cage with its update and new inhabitants is great.
    - Joy

  5. Yes! I would actually buy that table/lamp! Beautiful! :) Great price, too.

  6. Now that I have grandbabies that will soon be walking, I totally "get" the lamp breaking thing! I've got the cutest little table with an antique lamp sitting on top........