Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hidden Treasure Chest

Yesterday while out thrifting, I found that flowery mess above. It was hideous but on closer examination, I uncovered a hidden treasure chest.

I checked to see if it closed. Yes, it would close once all that crap was taken out. I decided to purchase it in the hopes of changing it back to the chest. I figured the styrofoam would easily come out and voila, a treasure chest. I was wrong. What I thought would only take a few minutes, ended up taking almost an hour. Once I removed all the flowers, I came to the styrofoam. It was glued in!!!!

Ok so a slight setback but I wasn't about to give up yet. On the suggestion of my hubby, I got a putty knife and started to scrape away. Then I hit another roadblock. WTF? Someone had super glued rocks in there!! Who would do such a thing???

I thought for sure I would end up breaking the box trying to pry all those rocks out. Luckily, I didn't and this is the end result.

I'm thinking of either lining the box with fabric or shelf paper. For now it is sitting under the side table I also found yesterday. Any sugestions on how to remove the remaining glue?

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