Thursday, September 8, 2011

Better Thrifting Day

Found at my favorite thrift store yesterday:

total cost $3.68

I am keeping the two lamps. The Little Bear I am selling on Ebay. I wanted to sell the vintage camera, but my hubby wants to keep it. That's what I get for showing him my finds. I probably could have gotten between $30-$70 for it. I bought the picture frame because I liked the pictures inside. I never understood why people would donate pictures of their vacations, family, pets or homes but whatever. I can look at this picture and imagine I'm at the beach. I love the middle picture warning you of stingrays and telling you to shuffle your feet when you walk.

I believe the camera is from the late '30's to 40's It's a really cool find but I do not think it is a rare camera. The back says Retina and it was made by Kodak.

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  1. Yeah, never show your finds to the hubby :) My problem is when I refinish/refurb furniture, etc. to sell, mine always tries to talk me into keeping it and we have a SMALL house that can only hold so much!! That IS a great camera . . . put it away and maybe he'll forget about it :)

  2. Becky, same thing here! Mine loves to look at and KEEP finds!

  3. I never can never get enough of the giggle I get when I find a frame with the pictures still in it. It gets me every time.