Thursday, September 22, 2011

Goodwill and A Toddler Size Table

A new Goodwill store opened today closer to our house. We got there at 10:30 and the parking lot was full along with the side street and a neighboring store. I told hubby there were too many people and we would not get a cart. He agreed and took me to the other GW in Weston. There I found a toddler size table with 3 chairs. DH asked me why the chairs were different sizes. Only one chair was bigger than the other two and I am not sure why. I put that one up in our closet. We can't have mismatched chairs now can we?

paid $6.99 for the table and chairs

I was very excited to find another VTG Smurf sheet. I had sold one earlier this year for around $35 and I happened to find the exact same one. I already have it listed in my store. Judging from completes, they sell better at auction but my luck is I get one bid and end up selling cheap. (example: Earlier this week I put my Hidden Mickey Duffy Bear with a starting bid of $9.99. It sold for that price. Even though it was not an unique color, I should have gotten more for it)

I will keep the books for Ryker. I paid $4.99 for them and on EBay new ones are selling for $14.95. Since mine are used, I won't get that price. The ABC Delivery truck is missing one card so we will be keeping that too.

I think this Build A Bear monkey is cute but I read if you find BAB with clothes, you should sell the clothes and re donate the animal. BAB clothing sells for a good price. The animals do not. However, I just left the monkey as is and listed him in my store. Someone might think he is as cute as I do. I also found some BAB black shoes. I thought the blue shoes were BAB as well since they were in the same bag but they are not. They are Cabbage Patch Kids.

Last week I found this heart shaped end table at my favorite thrift store. It needs a new top but for $3 I can't complain.

and one more owl I found along with the puppies. The other two owls and the candle holders I got at the consignment shop.

paid: $1.44

owls $2.50 each Holders $3.25 each


  1. I haven't had much luck with selling the BAB animals. I'm thinking in the future I'll stick to clothes. I find those CPK shoes all the time. I've never bought or researched them. Great find on the kids table.

  2. CPK clothing and accessories actually sell pretty good. I just sold a few items. You find some great stuff at your thrift stores. Most of the ones around me are over priced.

  3. We have that exact same table set and it has lasted us years. Really well built. Bummer about Duffy :( I have been lucky enough to find 2 smurf sheets, it's like striking gold!