Saturday, September 10, 2011

Garage Sales Finds and The Thrift Store

On Friday, I finally found some garage sales that were close enough for me to walk to. At the first garage sale, I found 3 toddler puzzles, an A&W mug (to keep) A Blue's Clues guessing game and a wind up Smurf (gave to sister)

paid $2.25

The next sale was a bust. The prices were too high for my liking. At sale #3, I got 3 Little Golden books for free. The lady said I could have all the books but I did not want to seem greedy. I was a little sad that they put the price on the cover in pernament marker. When I tried to remove it, it left a white spot. These are going in my lot for resale on Ebay.

When I entered the 4th sale, the guy running it asked me if my husband drank Miller beer. I thought that was an odd question as I did not see any beer items there. He also said I could have any toy for a quarter. I passed and left quickly.

Sale number 5 had a lot of girl stuff and I only found 2 items: Perfect Bear Care Bear and another Little Golden book.

paid .25 cents

The last sale I scored some more Little Golden books and a bucket of legos for Robbie. I noticed the seller had a vintage kitchen chair and I asked if he had any more. I was hoping he had the whole set. He only had the one. I left it there as I could not carry it while pushing a stroller. As I was walking away, I thought I really want that chair. I figured I would go back later in the day with my sister who has a car.

paid $2

My day would not be complete without a trip to my favorite thrift store. (I actually went there first before the garage sales) I really had to have the Sherlock Hound dog I saw there earlier this week.

paid $1.58

My sister came over in the afternoon and I bribed her with the Smurf figure to take me back to garage sale #6. I told her if the chair was not there to keep driving. I was going to offer him $3 but willing to pay up to $5. We got there and it was not sold. Before opening my big mouth, I asked him how much he wanted. He said it was marked $1. I practically threw the money at him in my excitement to grab the chair!

paid $1

We then went to another thrift store on the other side of town. I am selling it all except the boots. Those are for Ryker. Hopefully his feet will grow another size before the snow gets here.

paid $2.11

total spent for the day: $9.19 possible profit: $65 - $85

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  1. The Little Red Hen!! It was one of my favourites as a little girl :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. I have the rainbow brite book! I love it!

    E :)

  3. A bucket of Lego is a sooper dooper find in my book! I think you did well to avoid the "beer guy" - a trifle odd that! Looks like you had fun and heaps of goodies to keep the munchkins happy!

  4. Great finds! So glad the chair was there for you on your return trip. And for $1! Super!

  5. If you decide Sherlock needs to be rehomed, I would be interested in hering mmore about him. What is he made of?

    Or maybe we could trade some Little Golden books for him? No price tag marks!
    I do not see grandchildren in my future.

  6. Great job. I love when the sales are close to home. The chair is fabulous! I woudl love it if you would share your finds on my Cast Off's to Cash Post. We could all us inspiration.