Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ebay Sale = Facebook Buy

I sold this Wilton Pink Panther cake pan on Ebay for $25 with free shipping. This was the first Wilton pan I have ever bought and I'm glad it sold.

and I bought these two sets of Diego toys from my facebook group for $15

The Rescue Center is discontinued. I thought about waiting until Christmas to sell it but since I upgraded my store, it will only cost me .05 cents a month. They have been selling for around $40 with a sell through rate of 46%  The car and 2nd Diego are extra since this set is missing the rescue basket and hook.

The Dinosaur Mountain Play set is not discontinued and sells around $30 with a sell through rate of 50% I'm sure around Christmas time, these sell through rates will increase. The Sky Glider and Diego are extra in this set as well.

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  1. i bought a wilton pan yesterday for travis to list on ebay to try it out. he has been looking at your blog for ideas. he just passed 500 in sales in 4 weeks! i'm so proud! he found a bullet proof vest yesterday at the outlet and we're excited to see how it does. thanks for the ebay inspiration!