Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Goodwill Finds

My kids are on summer break but I still managed to get to Goodwill yesterday. I found some great stuff I hope to make some good money on.

They are not the coveted Remington hot rollers but I found two sets of Clairol. The first set is the red box model C-20-1 and the second is Professional Hairsetter/Instant 20 and came with clips.

The purple fan is for the house. We don't have central air and it is getting quite hot. I found some Anchor Hocking Strawberry Shortcake mugs. They are in great condition.

A little research showed these rabbit handle mug are Enesco. They are so cute.

The consignment shop by my house has marked down their orange color clothing tags to a dollar. I bought a bunch of skirts and pants today. I also bought this cute little zoo toy. If it isn't worth much, I will let Ryker keep it.


  1. Your red base Clairol hot rollers are Style Setters. Make sure you include "red" in your title, because there are a few different colors of them. I have sold 5 or 6 sets of these for $30+. I think I even sold one set for $44.99 + shipping, back when I was pricing stuff crazy high with best offer (she just paid my full price).

  2. Crap,I just remembered I have a set of hot rollers around here that I had bought with some spiral rollers(they sold a long time ago).Hmm,now where did I put them?
    Love the Strawberry Shortcake mugs-I can almost smell strawberries,lol.

  3. Good finds! I have a set of those Clariol Red Rollers. They were my mom's. I have passed up those bunny mugs at Goodwill several times! I didn't realize they were worth anything. Next time I'll be sure to grab one!

  4. I keep finding those rollers, but they are always looking not very clean. Does it matter how clean they are?