Sunday, June 10, 2012

Owl Take Him

I forgot to show what I found in the free box on Friday. A homemade owl. Isn't he cute?

How can you resist those big orange eyes? He is made from a pine cone. At first, I wasn't going to get him because I don't need anymore owls and I showed Bill and he said "Just get him. You know you want him." The seller saw me holding him and said "My grandma made that." (How sweet and you're throwing it away.) I knew I couldn't let him be thrown in the trash, so he went home with me. He is sitting in my curio cabinet with all the rest of my owls. At least he isn't lonely.


  1. Love the big eyes. He's cute in a sad kinda way. I would have taken him home.

  2. haha, he is so cute! i would have taken him home soon. so sad the seller didn't want to hang on to something their grandma made.