Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Community Yard Sale

Yesterday was the first time our city put on a community yard sale at the park. For $12 sellers could rent out a spot from 9 - 4. I didn't sell anything but went to buy since the park is across the street from my home. We got there about 9:20 and it was crowded. It was hard to maneuver a stroller and keep track of Robbie. Robbie is hearing impaired and tends to wander. He also picks up items he should not. I bought him a toy computer for .50 to keep him focused. At one point, I told him to wait by the stroller while I looked at things on a table. I thought he had walked past me and I grabbed his arm. I said "You need to wait right here". He pulled away and I heard a guy's voice say "I don't think I know you." To my horror, I had grabbed a complete stranger's arm. Next time, I will be sure to look up before grabbing. Onto what I bought.

The first time through with the boys, I got two cat figurines, two owls, a costume jewelry cameo and Robbie's toy.

The second time, I went by myself (which I should have done to begin with but no one was home to watch them) I got some good bargains as most vendors were marking their stuff down.

I had seen this Bambi and Thumper figurine the first time but did not get it. I couldn't find anything like it on Ebay but it seems like Bambi figurines can go for a good amount of money.

I love the way they are looking at each other. I priced it high because I love it so much and don't really want to sell it.

Another view so you can see the tree trunk they are laying next too.

I also found some more owls I seemed to have missed the first time there.


  1. that little fawn is pretty flippin' cute!

  2. Owl sugar and creamer! How cute!!! I have noticed that Siamese cat figures are selling at good prices on Ebay so those were a good find!

  3. The Bambi figurine is SO cute! - Brianne

  4. I'm still laughing about grabbing a strangers arm because I have done that before. I was so embarrassed. Great finds. I love the cats.