Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thrift Store Treasures

We went to the thrift store this afternoon and here is what I found.

I love these handmade vtg aprons. My sister picked up one too that I overlooked. I don't have a picture but her's had a hand towel attached to it. Kind of interesting.

The Speak and Spell does not work. There is something wrong with the battery compartment. It doesn't seem big enough for the size C battery. I tried to turn it on with an adapter and it worked for a few minutes and now it won't power back on.

I found a bunch of playing cards. The owls are so sweet.

A set of Clairol Kindness 3 Way Hairsetter Hot Rollers

And my find of the day: another set of Remington Tight Curls Hot Rollers. I did not find these at the thrift store but at a garage sale by my house. I snatched them right from under my sister's reach.


  1. Great finds! Don't you love the rush of spotting those blue rollers?? I think I have found 3 or 4 sets now in the last two years (one was in the box with the white clips, didn't even look used!), and every time I see a set I just get that rush:) Great job!

  2. Another set of Remington Hot Rollers??? Wow! The thrifting gods are with you!

  3. Owls, AND Remington Hot Rollers!!! You luck dog You!!!