Sunday, June 17, 2012

Garbage Sales

Yes, you read the title right. It's not a typo. I went to some garage sales on Friday that I saw posted on Facebook. They looked promising but all the good stuff must have been sold before we got there. The first sale we stopped at wasn't advertised and was probably the best sale although it was overpriced. My sister managed to find an apple basket for a quarter and I found some Diego toys and a vacuum for Robert (although Ryker claimed it) I listed the Diego toys on Ebay and if they don't sell, I will give them to Ryker for Christmas along with the other Diego toys I got from Facebook.

At the next sale, I picked up a bag of baby toys and asked the seller if she would sell me the security blanket separately. She agreed and I have this listed as well.

A few garage sales later and we came across the big one that promised lots of items from 7 different families. It was in a huge pole shed and there were a lot of scrap booking stuff (I would have no idea what to buy so I didn't look at it) and clothing. I never have any luck with baby clothing on Ebay so I didn't look through that either.

I did find this Winnie the Pooh ride on airplane. I was hoping to resell it but when I put in batteries, it only half worked. The propeller spins and lights up but it doesn't play music or identify the shapes. Also, Toys R Us on Ebay (hate that they are allowed to sell on Ebay. Who can compete with that?) is selling brand new ones for $40 with free shipping with purchases over $75. So even if it was working, I probably could have only gotten $20 and packing this for shipping would not be worth it. (I was hoping to get $30 but now since it doesn't work, Ryker is playing with it)

I also picked up 21 peek a blocks. These are a hit or miss. I plan on listing them when I have more or a toy to go with them. I did list the three sports themed ones as those seem to sell on their own.

My sister found some vintage Christmas cards in a free box and gave me these. They sure are cute.

Yesterday I walked to 4 sales before it rained. Those were a complete waste of time. I often wonder why people slap price tags on their garbage. I felt so gross after going to these sales, I needed a shower. At the last one, the sellers were drinking beer and I thought they were going to stab me if I didn't buy something. I got these billiard balls and it looked like a complete set (They were in a small box and I didn't want to empty it out on the garage floor). Unfortunately, when I got home, I discovered it was incomplete and had a few doubles.

Ryker wanted these as well but can you imagine the damage he could cause?

and the best purchase this weekend: a Wilton 3D lion cub cake pan. I saw this on my facebook group, looked it up on Ebay and immediately sent a message saying I would buy it. Complete listings show these can sell between $30 - $50 Active listings have them around $50 Mine is the only listing with free shipping which makes it the cheapest so hopefully I can sell it quickly.

You can also make a tiger or a puppy with this pan. If it doesn't sell by Ryker's birthday, I think I will try it out. On Tuesday, I am meeting another seller from Facebook to purchase some shoes for Ryker and some Little People toys. Ryker has quite the collection of Little People and when he is no longer interested, I will sell them in a big lot. I think they do better that way.

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  1. I went to several garbage sales this weekend too. I felt like I should have just stayed in bed. How do you find Facebook groups in your area that sell stuff?