Monday, June 18, 2012

Goodwill Finds

Stopped at Goodwill today and found some owls, a watercolor, shoes for Ryker, pink Sing A Ma Jig, Minnie Mouse, and some more curlers.

Isn't this owl cute? My sister told me to turn around and there he was staring from the shelf. He is made of feathers and styrofoam?

Look at his big eyes. How could I not take him home?

I'm not sure what these two owls are made of. It almost looks like they have walnut shells for feathers.

I believe this is a watercolor but I am not an expert. It is signed Edmund Osthaus I listed it at auction to see what kind of price I could get. Some of his paintings are worth big bucks. I'm sure it's a reproduction because I could never get that lucky.

It has a mat but it is unframed. And whoever put it in the mat was so professional, they used address labels. I didn't want to remove the labels for fear of ruining the artwork

I thought maybe this Minnie Mouse was worth something. I have never seen these type of toys before. They are called Pook A Looz.

Ryker with his new shoes. They look almost brand new. Can you believe they only cost $2.99?

and another set of rollers. These are the Conair Ion Shine. It seems like I have been finding rollers every where. My closet is starting to become filled with them.

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