Friday, March 9, 2012

Estate Sale Finds

I wanted to go to this estate sale this morning but dragging a two year old into a house of breakables is probably not a good idea. I sent DH instead. I told him the few items I was interested in as there were pictures posted online. The sale opened at 8 but since Bill had to drop William off at school, he wasn't able to get there until 9. At that time, a man was carrying one of the owl lawn ornaments I wanted out to his car. (sad face) Bill said there were alot of people and the stuff I wanted was already sold. He did manage to get me a floor lamp and an owl cuckoo replica clock.

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  1. Nice floor lamp! Everyone can use one of those-very handy for reading the morning paper! You have a good eye for this stuff!

    Dude! @ : )

  2. We used to have that floor lamp growing up! Probably sold it at a yard sale.

  3. that is still a great lamp! i sent my husband to a sale for me once because i had to work, and someone swooped right in front of me and got what i had wanted. bummer!