Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Could Sell...

ketchup to a woman wearing white gloves...

My hubby bought a box of blue glass insulators for $4. He told me to sell the whole box for $15 because he wanted it out of his garage. I checked Terapeak to see what they were selling for. Mine seem to be quite common and not much of a profit margin. I decided to try my luck on Facebook. My sister put some Christmas lights in hers and uses them for decoration on her patio stairs. I was hoping there would be some local interest. I posted them for $2 each or to make an offer if they wanted more.

Yesterday, I got a comment asking how much I wanted for all of them. I replied $30. There were 24 in the box. The buyer wanted to use them for around his pond. Last night he came over on a moped. I asked him "Is someone else coming?" He said "No why." I replied that there were 24 insulators and the box was quite heavy. He said no problem. He could fit them under his seat. He got about 14 in and put the rest of them in between his feet. He invited me over to see his pond when he was finished with it. He showed me some pictures and it looked nice.

Earlier this week, I bought this vintage lamp at the consignment store for $15. I love how the light part swings out. I made back the money I spent on the lamp by selling the insulators and got a profit to boot.


  1. What a cute story - you are such a good sales person!

  2. Love local sales! I really love them more the Ebay..even though they are less money.

    Love your ketchup favorite one is..

    I can sell steak to a vegetarian.