Monday, March 19, 2012

Facebook How I Love You

I bought this recumbent exercise bike yesterday off Facebook for $40. They retail for around $129 on sale. It is missing the foot straps but I love it. It's in my living room so I can watch t.v. and exercise at the same time. (I'm pretty good at multi-tasking.)

I then sold two items for $40 so basically I got the bike for free! duplo blocks for $20 and purse for $20

I also sold this wardrobe on Saturday for $25. Ryker had been throwing all the clothes out of it and trying to climb it and I was afraid he would pull it down on himself. My hubby told me no one was going to buy it and I should give it away for free. Did I tell you, I don't always listen to my hubby?

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Jenny Matlock


  1. I've started incorporating exercise into my entertainment activities now too. Instead of sitting on my couch playing video games I have been standing on a Bosu.

  2. Good way to repurpose things you don't need any more.
    I have a recumbent bike in our gym but don't use it too often as I prefer the treadmill. Maybe I should sell it instead of letting dust collect.

  3. You got a great deal. We have bought some stuff on Ebay but not Facebook. Hmmm? Cool!

  4. Great post, Becky! I always do something while looking TV - knitting, drawing, eating...!

  5. Kudos on hitting a less-used R word!

  6. Perfect for the "R" word. And great deals too. I didn't know you could buy off of Facebook. but then I am not on Facebook anymore.~Ames

  7. Hooray for exercise bikes! And husband's who are wrong!

    Love that purse! I definitely need a new one. Do you have any others on your e-bay site?

    I'm thinking trendy and lime green!

    Thanks for a really cute link for the letter R.