Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm In Love With Lia Sophia

I've been finding a lot of Lia Sophia jewelry for sale on my Facebook group. I haven't done much research but I figure if I can get some pieces between $6 - $8, I should be able to double my money. Some pieces may get me more. Here are some pieces I bought.

Some of the pieces still have the paper tag and the gold/silver chain in the first collage came in the box. I don't think the heart necklace with the key hole is Lia Sophia. I have to check into that.


  1. Wow, I'm in love with those! Especially the flower charm in the first one. Is that one up for sale yet? If I had the money I'd want to buy it all LOL. - Bri

  2. Love the last necklace. Do you have it listed? I'd love a lInk.

    1. yes it is listed:

  3. Eep, you listed my pendant. My money's all pending to next week so we'll see if its still there.

  4. Thank you this post. Had no idea what Lia Sophia Jewelry was and I w/o this post would have missed on a great deal on a FB group. Scored 2 necklaces for $5 combined1