Thursday, August 9, 2012

VTG Christmas Pom Pom Tree

I have been searching the thrifts and Goodwill for a vintage pom pom tree with no luck. I read how Sir Thrift A Lot scored a cheap one on Ebay so I decided to try my luck. The first one I bid on started at .99 cents. The seller had a crappy title so his item wasn't appearing in search results for Christmas tree. I believed it read Sparkler Pom Pom Tree. With one day left to go, he cancelled my bid and ended his listing. He relisted it at auction with a reserve price. Two days into that auction, he ended the listing and relisted it as a BIN of $125 plus $12.70 shipping. He now has changed his price to $150 with free shipping. I hope karma pays him a visit for cancelling my bid and his tree never sells.

Disappointed, I kept searching Ebay and came across another cheap auction. This was her picture and here is her title and description:

Pom Pom Brand new in all original packaging 25 branch 3 ft tall tree

Brand new in the original box with the branches still in the original paper tubes

Her photo

Is it any wonder she only got my bid of $24.99? With shipping, I paid a total of $36.16. It arrived today in the mail. Here are my pictures.


  1. Ooo sparkle sparkle!Now all you need is some Shiny Brites and a color wheel and you're in business,lol.

  2. woo that is awesome! i have a 5 ft pom pom with mercury balls on the ends of the branches that i got at an estate sale for 20 bucks! the woman was like "i can't go lower, i could get that on ebay" i was happy to give her a 20! did she even look on ebay? haha. i'm glad you found a cheap one too!