Monday, August 27, 2012

Church Sale

On Friday, we went to a church sale. It was pretty big but since I had Ryker and Robbie with me, I didn't get to look much. I did find a few things for resale and for Ryker.


Water Table I thought this was a good idea but when Ryker came back in the house drenched, I realized my mistake. Paid $5

Changing color Triangle clock. I got two of these and am trying to sell one on Facebook. Was in a bag with Mr Incredible action figure paid .25

I also found Good Night Moon for .25


Mr Incredible He talks

Teacher's Pet Cloth toddler Book

Fill and Spill Fish

Baby Einstein Teether

I also bought a crib mobile off Facebook and have already sold it for $29.99

and of course I bought some more Lia Sophia. I'm getting three more pieces tomorrow.


  1. I need to avoid looking at your Lia Sophia stuff - jewelry obsessed here and I could go "broke" buying them. I don't see that top necklace posted on your ebay yet? I'm in love.

    May I ask who Robbie is? Ryker's your son right? He's mentioned a lot but I don't think I've seen pics or mentions of Robbie much. Can't imagine having to shop with two little ones, I distract myself enough!