Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Facebook Finds

The last few days, there has been some good money makers posted on my facebook yard sale group.

Lia Sophia Necklace

Ikea children's rug

Cinderella Play Set

Care Bear Night Light

Xhiliration Curtains

Skull shoes

Snoopy bed set Missing the pillow case but she messaged me this morning saying she found it. I just got to get it.

I am picking up the following items tonight.

Pottery Barn Quilt and bumpers

A Thomas Train Costume for Ryker

Converse Shoes I don't think this seller is going to show up. She has ignored my messages so we will see.


  1. We get a TON of Lia Sophia that comes across our Facebook group, but it's all priced pretty high for resale. I can't justify spending $15 on one necklace, when I can spend $15 on 5 other great items and make just as much profit. Do you mind my asking how much your was?

  2. I love that necklace :) By the way, I created a blog and added you to my blog list!