Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday Finds

Yesterday we went to Goodwill and I found this Marx play set. I remember reading that vintage Marx toys can go for a lot of money so I was pretty excited to spot the Navarone Giant Play Set sitting on the top shelf of the toy aisle. I was getting ready to leave but decided to look down that aisle one more time.

It is missing the toy soldiers and some other stuff but I'm hoping I to make a good profit. Some sold for between $200 and $300 You can view my listing here.

I also found some more plush but nothing that is a high money maker.

Lalaloopsy Bea Spells A Lot

2 Alf puppets I know have 3 of these available for sale

Last week, I went over to the thrift store by my house and found some vintage Playmates toys. I have 3 sets of these but only listed 2 for now because Ryker broke the door to the airplane on one.

Mixed in with those were these other figures. I wanted to find out what play set they belonged to so I sent an email to Playmates Toys. The lady who responded said she had never seen them and that they were not by Playmates. I asked in one of my Facebook ebay groups and another member told they were from Unimax and they were space explorers.

I also won this lot of vintage plush toys on Ebay at the beginning of the month. I was quite disappointed when they arrived. They were dirty and smelled of mildew. It was too costly to mail them back, so I thought I would try to salvage what I could by washing them. Most of them came somewhat cleaned but a few did not survive the washer. I have already made my money back on 3 of the animals so the rest is profit. This is the listing picture, not mine.

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  1. I met a women in GW the other day, and she was purchasing plush items. i ask her how she cleaned hers. She said she always puts them in a pillow case and they always come out fine.
    Has anyone tried this method? Always love this blog :) sherry

  2. Whoo Hoo on the Marx toy. You go girl!!! Make some big bucks. I'll have to add Marx to my mental list.
    That is a big assortment of plush. I always just toss them in the washer but am very careful of the dryer. I messed up a Popple one time by putting it in the dryer. Now I just hang them on the line and then just fluff them in the dryer on air.

  3. Totally jealous over your Marx set find...that is killer! Looks like it's going to sell for major coin-congrats.....Dude!@moneyinthegarage

  4. Toys are something that I really don't know anything about in regards to reselling. But there is a guy that I always see at Goodwill scavenging through the toy aisle. Good luck with all your finds!


  5. Hope you make big bucks off the Marx!