Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bratz Dolls

The last two days I have been digging through this box of Bratz dolls I picked up at my favorite thrift store. I hadn't realized how time consuming this task would be. Who the hell buys their kid 42 dolls? Sure, sure some might have been birthday or Christmas gifts from well meaning relatives. But seriously 42? Great for me though. Hopefully I can get a good return on them. Here they are in the box after I dressed all 42.

In addition to the dolls were a carrying case, a lil' bratz loungin loft, clothing, and accessories. Apparently the previous owners had a dog. Everything was covered in dog hair and this poor boy did not make it.

So down to 41 dolls. Now the task of figuring out how to list them. I did not want to do a big listing for 41 dolls plus accessories cause again, honestly, who needs 41 dolls unless they are me and are trying to resell them on Ebay.  The first three lots were easy. There were 10 Lil' Bratz dolls so they were listed with the loft along with their clothing.

The next lot was also a no brainer. I grouped all the boy dolls plus thier extra clothing. The clothing part was a little tricky because some of the clothes looked like they could be for a girl or a boy. I did my best and came up with this. Obviously I left out the one eaten by the dog. Honestly, who donates that? In the trash it went.

I debated about this next lot. There were 25 purses and I wasn't sure if I should just add it to the clothing or try selling it on its own. I chose the latter and offered free shipping.

Next came the dolls. I had dressed each one as best as I could and now had to decide how to break them up. I decided on 1 listing of 8 with the carrying case, another listing of 8 by themselves and then a listing of 9. When I first started going through the dolls, I noticed one doll had some pin holes on her leg. After dressing them all, I have yet to find that doll. I will have to go back through them before someone purchases it and complains. They are hardly noticiable but you know how some buyers are.

Then I had to decide what to do with all the extra clothes. I thought about dividing them up among all three doll lots but that seemed like a lot of work. And how was I to decide what outfit went where? So I ended up listing the clothes as a lot. There were some smaller clothes that didn't seem to fit the bigger dolls but they were too big for the lil" bratz. I saw a listing for teen bratz so I though maybe there was another doll in between the big doll and minis? I'm not 100 % sold on that though so if someone knows, please kindly share.

To view these listings in my store, click here.

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  1. WOW now that's a lot of Bratz! Great job in organizing them for listing!

  2. Great job! That's a lot of work! Hope you get a some great bids on those!