Monday, June 20, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

I know. I know. I said I would stop shopping at Goodwill for resale because their items are too expensive but I had to look. The Goodwill voices in my head kept calling me. I only spent $9.40 and got the following:

2 fused glass art serving trays They are unsigned (sigh)
3 Care Bear pillow cases
3 coffee mugs
1 Thomas the Train window vallance
1 role playing game "How to Host a Murder"

I thought the game was pretty cool but the completes on Ebay do not look good. It seems like they do not sell. I guess no one plays role playing games anymore even if they are endorsed by Vincent Price. The game is like Clue. You try to solve the murder with the clues you are given. It is meant for 8 players. I was suprised to see everything was in the box. Even the original invitations were there. Someone also went through the trouble of photocopying all the materials but I left those out. Maybe with the Best offer option and free shipping, someone will purchase it. Also in the series of games is an "All My Children" version. I wish I had found that one instead. I would have kept it.

Two of the coffee mugs I found were from the Shoebox Greetings line of Hallmark. They are cute mugs. The other one is from Disney's Animal Kingdom. It has two tigers in a ying and yang design.

So what treasures did you find? Feel free to post them in the comments.
Happy thrifting!

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  1. I rarely go to the regular Goodwill because they are so expensive. But, we have outlets around here which is where I score 95% of my stuff. I had a few of those murder mystery games. They are fun, but your right..reselling is low on them. I used to have the All My Children Good finds..TFS.