Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Duffy The Bear

Who do you think is the most popular character at Toyko's DisneySea Park? Do you think it is Mickey? Nope. The most popular character with the Japanese is Duffy, Mickey's teddy bear.

Duffy's story begins the night before Mickey is headed out to sea. Fearing that Mickey will be lonesome, Minnie makes him a cute teddy bear and hids him in Mickey's duffle bag. Upon finding it, Mickey calls this bear Duffy and together they sail around the world.

Duffy looks like a normal fuzzy bear
except for the "Hidden Mickey"
shape in his face.

Duffy also has a Mickey-shaped birthmark
on his backside to the left of his tail.

Each of the bear's feet also have the
familiar Mickey silhouette.

Duffy is a bear of magic and good luck. He spreads happiness and cheer throughout Toyko DisneySea. Please visit my Duffy Bear at this link.

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