Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sea Wees

If you don't know what sea wees are than continue reading. These liitle mermaids can be big money sellers on Ebay. If you spot them at a garage sale, swoop them up. These 4 inch dolls were made by Kenner Toys from 1979-1983.  There were 5 sets of dolls that came out: Originals, Sea Wees 'n Babies, Fancy Sea Wees 'n Babies, TropiGals, and Icygals.

The originals were marketed as one doll with a sponge and comb. These dolls have hard plastic bodies and long combable hair.

After these came out, Kenner added a baby doll to match the momma. These babies were made of hard molded plastic and molded hair with bonnet.

The third set to come out was the Fancy Sea Wees and babies. They have the same molded bodies as the other two prior sets.

Next came the TropiGals. They had the same molded bodies but had a tan and came with a hula skirt. Kenner also added the Merpet: an animal that was half mermaid and some other animal.

The Fourth in the series was IcyGals. These mermaids had on molded fur coats and stoles and the babies have molded on fur coats with mittens. The IcyGals have a different copyright(1983) date because of the body change. Also their pets wore molded on hats and some had molded scarfs.

The last of Sea Wees were called Bubble Ballet. Their bodies had molded on skirts and thier arms extended upward in a ballerina pose. These came with a lace tutu.

Kenner also made a carying case in the shape of a sea shell.

There is also a lagoon play set.

These Sea Wees sell well in lots but also do well on their own. I have sold some sets for $39.95 and up. They do well at auction too but I usually list them as BIN with BO. Since they were made to be a bath toy, a lot of them are missing paint. Don't let this discourage you from buying them though as there are many collectors out there that love redoing them. If you can find them mint on the card you can make alot of money. Also the African American dolls seem to be rather rare and the momma alone can sell for $20 plus.

Happy selling!


  1. omg!!! these were my favorites when i was little!!! i saved them all for my kids and just recently gave some to GW :( i need to dig thru our bath toys and see if they are still in there! i had the island and a bunch of mermaids!

  2. I LOVED my Sea Wees when I was little. I had 3 or 4 of them that I played with in the tub. LOVED them!

  3. Sea wees were my favorite as a lityle girl! Wish I could find them again.

  4. I had some of these when I was little! I definitely remember the icy one with the baby and walrus and the foam piece they stuck through. I would love to find these again. I could never had told you what they were called. Thank you for the info.

  5. Hello,
    I have been looking for Sea Wee's forever for my daughter to play with, I loved mine. But Ebay is so expensive for shipping alone, have you been successful finding these at thrift stores? Thank you.

    1. No I have never found any at the thrift store. All the ones I bought came from ebay Good luck