Saturday, June 18, 2011

Money in toys

Before you donate those outgrown toys to Goodwill or sell them for a buck at your yardsale, check Ebay to see if those castaways can be hidden treasures. You would be suprised to see what parents will pay to give thier precious ones those hard to find toys. Here are some toys I have consistenly sold for a good profit. Most of these I have found at thrift stores for between .50 cents to $5 but you should be able to find them at garage sales as well.

My first item is this Fisher Price SuperStar Musical stage. I have purchsed them for $1 to $5. I do not spend more than the $5 because hey I want to make a big profit. This toy is basically a big mirror with flashing lights that plays music. It comes with a microphone but if it is missing, still purchase it, as it will still sell. I usually list these for $39.99 with best offer. They do not go quite that high at auction unless they are new. I will accept as low as $25. I have sold 3 so far and the last one went to the United Kingdom.

The next item is also from Fisher Price. It is the Laugh and Learn shopping cart. I have only sold one of these for about $30 Again this item will sell without the shapes. Most kids just like pushing the cart around but if you really wanted to, you could order the shapes from Fisher Price. Again the most I have paid is $5 but that was at Goodwill. You could probably get it cheaper at a garage sale. This one is listed in my store with a best offer.

Next up is the Pat Pat Rocket. This is a play rocket based on the television series Little Einsteins. You will get more money if you have the characters and finding the green tv screen ups the value. I have sold 2 of these. They do fairly well at auction but I do BIN or Best Offer. You can get up to $70 Just check Ebays completes. I think I sold mine for over $60.

Another popular Einstein item is this Baby Einstein musical caterpillar. It is very hard to find and you can get up to $40 Again these do not do well at auction so I list mine at BIN for $39.95 or Best Offer. I have sold about 3 of these for $37 Most people will low ball you with their offer. I had one offering only $12 because that is what it sold for at auction. But hang in there. The right buyer will come along and pay your asking price.

The last item I just recently sold. I only paid .50 cents for it at the thrift store and sold it for $39.95. I have never sold one before so I do not know if I just got lucky or if this is always a good seller. It is Blue's Room for Blue's Clues. It had all the figures plus the key.

Hopes this helps in your search for toys. If you have any consistant best sellers, please be sure to share them in my comments.

Happy thrifting!


  1. Love your blog! Yes, blues clues is a good seller, especially the red house!

  2. how do you ship the larger items?