Friday, June 17, 2011

Freakin' Flops Friday

Instead of doing a Fantastic Finds Friday, like my fellow bloggers over at We Sell On Ebay I have decided to do a Freakin' Flops Friday. This is where you put your items that you thought would be great sellers only to get them home to find a flaw or they do not work. They can also be items that have sat in your store forever.

What kid doesn't like robots? That's what I thought when I purchased this Kasey The Kinderbot.  He is an interactive toy that will teach your child all sorts of things. He also has cartidges you can purchase separately for more learning. He has been sitting in my store for quite some time with watchers but no offers.

There is also a smaller robot for younger children. He teaches letters. numbers, and shapes on his belly screen. He is called Toby the Totbot. I bought him at the same time as the other robot. He too has been sitting without any offers. They both sell on amazon for twice as much as I have them listed for, so I know they are not overpriced. Besides I have Best offer on them and am willing to accept all reasonable ones.

So what you have purchased that has been sitting in your store for awhile? Feel free to post your link in the comments.

Happy selling!

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