Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goodwill Finds and A Coffee Table That Isn't

I had to go to Goodwill today to return the pants I bought last Sunday. Apparently, Robert grew 2 inches this summer and they were way to short. The Goodwill here gives you store credit so I looked around to see what I could get. Most everything was to high priced to resell and there wasn't anything I liked. I did find a Blue's Clues banner new in the package, Little Golden Book Go Fish Card game and some Dr Seuss mini-note books.

I also came across what I thought was a coffee table. It was priced at only $9.99 It had a lock for storage but no key. It was locked. I really liked it and knew Bill could get it unlocked but I left it there. Later in the day, I told Bill about it and how I thought it would make a cool coffee table. I joked with him and said he should buy it for me. He left to go do something and I took the two younger boys for a walk. When I got home I saw this in the livingroom:

Suprise! But it isn't a coffee table with storage. It's a gun safe. Remember it was locked in the store so there was no way to tell what was inside.  If you look closely at the inspection paper, (click on picture to enlarge) it has my name on it. It was meant to be mine. (thrift store fate?)

yup I am going to end up on Hoarders.

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