Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursdays Thrift Store Finds

I was watching That 70's Show the other day and noticed the sugar container in the background of Donna's kitchen. It looked really familiar. I saw the exact same one on Monday at the thrift store except hers was a yellow color and the one at the t.s. was orange. I noticed it was part of a set. Unfortunately the t.s. only had the sugar container.

I also found some more books: I sold a Llama Llama book a few months ago at auction for $8 so I might sell that book on its own. I found some more Berenstain Bears for my collection. Once I get about 10, I will sell them in a lot.

I thought this was the bear posted on Plush Memories but I was wrong. It is a Gund bear from 1985

Here are some toys I found for Ryker and Robbie. Robbie also got a toy computer and a camera but he took those before I could take a picture. Robbie collects view masters (I don't know why) and he was happy to find this one along with the reels.

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  1. You found lots of fun treasures! I love to see my vintage pieces on old tv shows. I have a set of dishes that I have seen on the old Dick Van Dyke Show. And my dining room set is the same one from the Beverly Hillibillies. It so fun! thank you fof joining TTF and have a fun week!