Saturday, August 6, 2011

Money in Recalls

Back in June, Money in the Garage wrote a blog on product recalls and how buying a recalled item isn't necessary a bad thing. Alot of companies, like Mattel, will send you a product voucher for your recalled item. All you need to do is return the product to them. They will even pay for shipping. Around that time, I had purchased this lot of Polly Pockets from the thrift store. I only paid $1

Not everything in the picture was recalled, just the sets that had magnets in them. You can read about their recall here. I sent the recalled sets in and sold the rest of the Polly's on Ebay. Yesterday, I received my voucher in the mail. It was for $36. I had returned 3 sets: Dress n Drive Lounge (big set on right) School Time Fun (locker next to Dress n Drive) and Lunch Box cafe (pink box on left)

So what did I get with the voucher? I wanted to buy Ryker some more Little People Play Sets, but our Walmart did not have much of a selection. I ended up purchasing this:

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning Kitchen


  1. I had something similar happen. I bought a like new Exersaucer off Craigslist for $25 for my son. He used it for about 6 months and then when he was done with it I was taking it apart to clean and repost on Craigslist (and was planning for selling for $50, muaahhaaaaa!) but a little metal piece that held the legs to the base broke. I called Fisher Price and they have a 12 month guarantee on all their products. I told them I had bought it used but only had it 6 months and they said no problem! The had me send in the seat pad and a metal bar, they paid shipping, and then sent me a check for $95 (retail price). Holla! The part I needed was no longer made so they said they would just refund me the retail price. Best.Deal.Ever!

  2. Thanks for the tip. Funny how I just bought the Polly Pockets Boutique set yesterday, then read your comment which reminded me that they are under recall. Hope to get a check for $15 or so !

  3. Thanks for the recall info. I just bought a big box of Polly yesterday. Looks like 3 sets are under the recall list. The sets that I have are not complete sets as shown, I only have the major part of each set. The sets you returned, were they complete?