Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yard Sale Finds

I didn't get to go but my husband and son went to some yard sales this weekend and this is what they found.

My son paid only $5 for this table. The people were moving to CA and were trying to get rid of most of their things. It's kind of cool and is up in his bedroom.

He also found this lantern. If it had been older, I would have stolen it from him. Or begged him to give it to me.

He also found two Marilynn Monroe pictures. He already put them up on his wall so my pictures are not the greatest.

My husband found some stuffed animals for me to sell on Ebay. I'm not sure if they will sell, but I listed them anyways.

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He also found this Build A Bear teddy. I usually do not have any luck selling BAB but he is cute!

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He also found these two ballerina plush. I got a question about them the first day I posted but I haven't heard back from the prospective buyer.

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