Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Unpaid Item

I haven't had to open an unpaid item case in awhile so I guess I was due. I thought for sure the buyer would pay after it opened, most people do to avoid the strike, but nope, the case closed yesterday.

I have had this Mickey Mouse Note Pad Holder since last September. I picked it up at St Matthew's treasure sale thinking it would sell quickly. It's Mickey for pete's sake. When I got an offer of $14, I accepted right away to be rid of it. No such luck. I relisted it and if it does not sell this month, off to Goodwill it goes.

The e-check for the owl string lights cleared. Remember those sold for $49.99 When I went to weigh the box for shipping, it was more than my calculation of 1-2 pounds. I was glad this was a domestic sale where I lost less than a couple bucks instead of an international sale where I would have lost more. I went in and fixed the shipping on the other strand I have left.


  1. my husband just had to file his first unpaid item report. he waited 3 weeks! haha. he is loving selling on ebay though. it give him an excuse to dig through the bins of bags at goodwill since i told him he couldn't bring any more home for himself.

  2. I don't understand why people buy things and don't pay. Luckily I don't get very many of those. My sister gets them all the time and it's usually with low prices items. She once had one for a $3 item. Hopefully Mickey will sell quickly when you relist him.