Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cowabunga, Dude!

I found this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle yesterday at Goodwill. I almost didn't buy him because I thought he has a little pricey at $2.99 (I am getting real cheap in my old age) He isn't your normal TMNT figure. He transforms and is 11 inches tall.

Here he is as a turtle:

Raphael's large legs become the turtles front feet. It looks odd but works since his rear feet wrap around his thighs.

All the turtle parts hide in the shell which includes the rotating head swap and the leg/arms replacement.

Right now he is residing on my computer shelf next to my Kenny bank. It is going to be hard to let him go. I really like him because he has a "R" on his belt and my name (Rebecca) starts with a r. Ryker likes to play with him but gets frustrated because he doesn't stay together very well and William wants him. I told William if he didn't sell at auction, he could have him. (maybe) I started him out high and have 2 watchers but no bids.


  1. Good luck with Raphael. I had these in smaller versions and ended up selling them at the flea market for $1.00 each (basically what I paid for them). Hopefully the larger versions are worth more. :)

  2. I sold a lot of TMNT recents. I paid $1 and sold the lot $20. Apparently they are still popular. Good luck with yours.