Saturday, May 26, 2012

Goodwill Finds

Just a few things I found at Goodwill this week

a huge bag of Polly Pockets I've had good luck with Polly Pocket in the past and the price was right. At the check out another lady saw the bag and said "You are going to make someone very happy" and I thought yeah I will be happy if I can flip this for a good profit. She also asked me how much I paid if I didn't mind telling her. I told her the price and she said "Oh I wish I had been a little faster." Earlier, she was entering the toy aisle as I was exiting. I stopped her to tell her the bag of Fisher Price toys she was holding, was missing pieces. It was the ABC zoo and only had 18 animals. I know because I was going to buy it but put it back.

Some yoga cards I thought were interesting

A tiki vase or mug I know nothing about tiki but one of the blogs I follow Love of the Hunt collects tiki so I thought there should be a market for it. It would be great for holding pens or pencils.

I have never seen a Care Bear full body puppet before.

This puppy by Carter's still had his tags attached. I looked on the Carter's website and it appears you can not buy him anymore. Used ones on Ebay were listed around $25 so I am hoping to get a little more than that.

A singing Tyrone from the Backyardigans He is dressed as a Mountie.

and the bunny rabbits from Guess How Much I love You. If this doesn't sell on it's own, I may add the book. I think I have it here somewhere.


  1. If you look at yoga poses,it counts as actually doing yoga right??LOL
    Saw that picture and thought,'Holy Crap,look at all that Polly Pocket stuff.' I'm so glad my daughter never got into Polly Pocket,I'd still be finding those little pieces.I'm still kicking myself for pitching what seemed like millions of Barbie shoes when she was little.

  2. Polly Pocket is like in the bank! The bunnies are so cute!

  3. I've never sold Polly Pockets before but I have heard they are great selling items. Great finds. I wish more of the local thrift stores around me sold toys. Only one does.