Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ebay messaging

Every time I go to my Ebay summary and I see a number next to my message tab, my heart skips a beat, my stomach gets queasy, my hands get sweaty and I dread opening that tab. I wonder what complaint is coming my way and how I am going to resolve it. I'm not sure why I have such a negative reaction to the Ebay message system. I just do. Not every message I get is negative. Some are just questions about something I am selling or some promotion Ebay has going on or that a buyer has submitted a best offer. Every once in awhile though, I get those messages that make you proud you sell on Ebay.

This past week, I have gotten 2 such messages. The first was for this bear I sold.

Dear beckyp72,

freddy arrived safe and sound - just a little warm from the heat. your service was wonderful. he was my older daughter's first stuffed animal (given to her by my very best friend). this daughter now is going to give me my first grandchild in december. i thought it would be special for him/her to have a bear like his/her mommy. continued success in your ebaying. i applaud you for finding something you can do and be a stay at home home. children are God's best gift!

- jerseygirlcath
The second message was for this curtain I sold.

Dear beckyp72,

Thank you for shipping so fast! I received the curtain and am going to use it as a quilt back for my sister's new baby who is going to arrive next month.

- mtdono66

It's nice to know why a buyer has purchased your item and what they plan on doing with that item. After getting these two wonderful messages, I may no longer dread that tiny number next to the message tab.

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  1. OMGosh, I feel the same way! I dread seeing that number too. It does feel good to get those happy messages though!