Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thrifty Thursday Finds

I normally try not to go to Goodwill to find items to resell, but yesterday we were in the area so we decided to stop. I had Ryker with me, so I wasn't able to browse as long as I wanted. He started throwing out items from the cart half way through the store. Luckily it was just blankets and not the planters I found.

Starting from the back are vintage Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Sheets. I found 2 sets of these. They are twin flats I believe. Next row is the vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy twin flat sheet. This is really cute and would be great to make a quilt out of. Next are the two Care Bear blankets I found. If they don't sell, I can always use them as WI weather is unpredictable and mostly cold. This morning it was in the 50's. The bottom row shows my planters, a Norman Rockwell mug, a sing a ma jig for Ryker and a Care Bear.

This is one of the planters I found. I think it would look very cute in a nursery. You could put flowers in it or use it to hold baby items such as cottonballs, q-tips, pacifers, whatever. I think it would make a great baby shower gift.

This is the other planter I found. It is smaller but could function in the same manner as the other one. I like the colors: baby blue and pink. It could work well in a boy's or a girl's nursery.

This morning I walked over to my favorite thrift store and found this vintage coffee percolator. It has all the pieces inside of it. If I can not sell it, William said he would like to keep it as coffee made in these tastes so good. (I can thank his dad for allowing him to drink coffee.)

I also found Build with Pooh Mega blok set, two garfield ties and a Vtech Vsmile infant development system. Unfortunately I could not find the t.v. part of this but perhaps someone will just want the base. It still works and teaches colors and shapes. Besides kids watch too much t.v. as it is so why encourage them to watch more?

So what are your thrifting finds?

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