Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thrifty Thursday Finds

On Tuesday I walked over to my favorite thrift store. Upon entering, I noticed alot of their areas were thinned down. Did they sell all this during the weekend? I was just there on Friday and everything was overflowing. What was going on?

I walked over to the table of purses. This used to be a mountain and now it was a small hill. There didn't seem to be any good quality purses so I moved on. Next stop were toys. On Friday, you couldn't even move through this area. There were toys on tables, toys on the floor, on shelves, everywhere. Now it was nice and tidy. Sure it was great to be able to grab something without 5 other items toppling down but something was up.

I looked over by the bedding and housewares area and saw it. A BIG black garbage bag. I watched as two workers were throwing away perfectly good items. Now I understand throwing away stuff that is broken, stained, missing pieces and not useable. But they were throwing away items that could be used from what I could see. Kind of defeats the purpose of donating to the thrift store. These donors want to keep their items out of the landfill and that is where it is ending up! Ooooohh the horror! If you have so much inventory, you need the space, why not simply lower your prices? Plus they have a second store. Couldn't that store use the inventory as well?

As for the mountain of purses, as I was leaving I overheard the cashier ask the manager where are you going with all those purses? She replied That is really none of your business. The manager had a box full that she was taking to her car. I can only speculate that she was probably going to resell those purses for her own good. Why else would she take them and tell the cashier to mind her business?

Ok well enough of that. Onto what I found. For my nieces, I found 3 Power Puff Girls. One medium Bubbles and two smaller ones that talked. I found a Kids Knex Chompin Chums monster building toy with case that I will keep for Ryker. They do not seem to sell real high on Ebay.

Another item I am keeping is this vintage Fisher Price pocket radio. It is in terrible shape, missing the plastic handle and graphics but it still plays "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". It was marked a quarter. At the check out, the guy that works in the toy area says real loud "That's a really old radio" Well thank you Captain Obvious. I really wanted to pay more than a quarter for it. Luckily they honored the price on the item.

I found this really cool Monkey Pod clam shaped bowl with wooden fruit. I just love the idea of wooden fruit over plastic fruit. I have this listed in my ebay store.

I also found a wooden abc giraffe puzzle with a Tupperware storage container, Pillsbury Doughboy Marching Band coffee mug, two Little Einstein characters, some ribbon (for myself grabbed before they threw it away) and some Star Wars Curtains. Unfortunately I did not notice that the smaller curtain had a finger nail polish stain until after I took pictures. I will list this as cutter fabric.

Yesterday I stopped over at the Dime and Dollar (I don't normally go there because their prices are too high) and found this lovely coffee table. I immediately fell in love with it and had to have it. I don't really have the room for it and I'm not sure yet what I am going to do with it but I NEEDED this table. I talked the lady down $5. Normally they do not let you make offers and their prices are final but she made an exception this time.  There is some damage and the one drawer is broken. She was a little snotty about the offer and said if it wasn't damaged you'd be paying alot more. (emphasis on alot) So for $20, I walked out with it. (plus I asked her to help me carry it to my truck. insert evil laugh here)

I also found a Smurfette plush doll from 1983 and it was half off.


  1. You keep finding my childhood toys. The FP doll house you have up was mine and the radio. Ohhh man, I used to MAKE my dad play it and I'd cry through the whole thing. To this day, twinkle twinkle little star on that radio makes me tear up. I can't decide if I love it or hate it!:)

  2. are you saying you didn't come back later that night and snatch the "trash" from the dumpster? You're definitely losing your touch ;)

  3. That story about the thrift store makes me mad! One because of the dishonest manager and two because it is so true that a lot gets thrown away and the thrift stores in my area are overpriced and overflowing?! Doesn't take a genius... lower the prices and MOVE the inventory! Love your blog! :)