Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Facebook Find Littlest Pet Shop

Last week I saw posted on my local garage sale page a box of Littlest Pet Shop. I know nothing of LPS but I do know some of the pets can go for big money especially in lots. I sent her a message asking how many pets she had. She said between 10 - 15 (There was only 10) but there were a bunch of buildings and they were complete. (lie)

We agree to meet at Walgreens and instead of looking through the box (it wasn't as neat as the picture above)  I purchased it. (Really should have looked.) Only one building was complete, the blue and purple one.

I grouped it on Ebay with the two other buildings, the Newborn Nursery and the Get Well Center, along with 4 of the pets.

Three of the dog houses were missing the door and of course there were no dogs just cats. I grouped those together.

The other big building is missing two panels, so I'm going to take that to the consignment store. There was also an igloo I'm selling separately but of course no huskies.

I should have looked over everything before committing to buy but I trusted the seller was being honest and I didn't want to waste her time. In the future, I am going to inspect everything before purchasing. (Oh and all the toys were dirty like they had been played with outside)