Monday, July 23, 2012

Why I Love Selling On Ebay

Yesterday, I bought some Hanna Barbera plush from Facebook.

I listed them separately last night for $10 each with free shipping. This afternoon, Top Cat sold.

Shortly after I got this message:

Dear beckyp72,

Thanks for having this item posted on Ebay. I have been looking for this character at swap meets but he is not easy to find. I looked on Ebay for the first time yesterday and decided to buy him today. I probably won't find him any place else again than here and now. He is called "Don Gato" on Spanish cartoons/TV instead of "Top Cat" (American cartoons). What else is cool is that you are located in Wausau, WI. I was born in Wausau, WI! I really look forward to having this character for my collection!

It makes me happy to find items other people are looking for. It's amazing how one little thank you note can make your day. I wish there were more buyers like this one.


  1. Goodness, Becky, you really need to list thesr for more. They are awesome! Congrats on the quick sale and the great buyer email.

  2. I love notes like that. Boy I wish we had s thriving facebook sale group around here.