Thursday, July 26, 2012

Selling Clothes

I have been busy this week trying to list clothing on Ebay. I do not like selling clothes. They are hard for me to photograph, (I can never get the color right) I hate measuring and I think there is a high risk for returns. However, they are super easy to ship and do not take up much room.

The consignment shop had dollar tag clothes this week and today they added .50 cent tags. You have to search through all the racks to find the color tag because they are not sorted out. The store probably has 25+ racks and with Ryker, I am lucky to get through 3 before he acts up. Here are some of my favorites that I found. I may go back tomorrow as well.

I passed over this dress on Monday thinking no one would buy it because it is so long. I bought it on Tuesday and sold it within 10 minutes of listing it. I love the baby blue color but it wasn't my size.

This skirt sold fast too.

This golf skort is new with tags. I noticed the brand, Bobby Jones, sells discount items on Ebay. They are selling a similar one for $49.99

I was shocked to see another seller selling this swimsuit for $149.99 Mine also is new but is missing the outer store tag and the clerk tore off half the inside tag. It is by Louis Vuitton designer Stephen Sprouse.

I found this prom dress today. It also is new. It's very pretty and can't imagine spending $148 on something I never wore. The consignment shop price was $30 but I only paid $1 because it was the color tag. Poor consignee only got .50 cents from her investment.

Love the pink flowers on this dress

I normally do not look at baby clothes but who could resist this cute little dress from Tommy Hilfiger. Three different views. I listed this on my Facebook group.

I have some more but need to get listing. You can't sell it if you don't list it. Btw the two items I sold, paid for everything I bought this week so the rest is pure profit.


  1. I don't like selling clothes either and have been waiting for my Tyvek bands to get here before listing anymore.

  2. I hate clothes too..but I'm trying to get back into it more. I have an idea that may help me speed up selling clothes..but still chomping on it. Good finds!

  3. I sell mostly clothes. They are always so cheap at yard sales and shipping is a breeze. Great finds.

  4. I only sell clothing (mostly womens) and I hope you don't shy away from trying to sell more. I have had less than 10 returns in the past year and half of selling. Most people are super nice about it too (due to fit) especially since I'm careful with the measurements. But it's been a good money maker for me!