Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodwill Finds

Sales have been dismal on Ebay this week. I need new inventory. There wasn't much at Goodwill but here is what I found. Hopefully, I can make some kind of profit.

I sold a set of Sesame Street letters last week and was excited to find another complete set. I only hope these go as fast.

The Wiggles car is a good seller. I sold one of these awhile ago. I don't remember for how much.

The bucket of soldiers I'm letting Ryker keep. They are not a high selling toy. I usually pass up the Chicco shape sorter because they are never complete. This one has the keys but is missing a shape and 2 animals. I'm not sure it will sell on Ebay so I posted it on my Facebook page.

If you see anything you like, it is for sale in my Ebay store.

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