Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weekly Finds

My finds this week. Most are for sale in my Ebay store or will be.

From the consignment shop: Brobee Pillow Pal, Fisher Price Learning Letters mailbox, Peek a blocks wagon and Wilton Gingerbread Boy cake pan. The wagon no longer played music, so I already sold it on my Facebook group for $15. I kept the yellow divider to sell on Ebay as most of the used wagons are missing them.

Thrift Store Finds: I overpaid on most of this stuff and will no longer go back there. They have great vintage things but want to much for them. The puzzles are for Ryker.

These squirrels are just the cutest. How can anyone resist those fluffy tails?

 The little bear on top of the train case is an AC/DC Bear. Here is his back.

Goodwill Finds: I couldn't resist the Hello Kitty. She was the half off colored tag. I don't think she is worth much on Ebay so I am trying to sell her on Facebook. I'm not sure how well the hot rollers will sell but they were cheap enough to buy them.

Isn't that Snoopy mug awesome? It says Pardners on the back.


  1. I just saw those rollers at a garage sale for $1 but wasn't sure if they would sell. I'm just not sure which rollers are worth picking up and which aren't.