Sunday, July 15, 2012

Garage Sale Finds

Instead of going grocery shopping, I convinced my sister to check out some garage sales I seen posted on facebook.  (Those sucked but the other sales were ok)

The first sale almost everything was priced a quarter. I wish I would have picked up some stuff there, but I wasn't sure if it would sell or not: floppy disks, an old slide projector($5) and some old magazines. I did pick up a container of mini erasers. I know the vintage ones can sell so I thought I would try these.

The second sale we found by chance. Sarah was turning to go back the other way and she spotted the sale. It looked promising with a bunch of kid's toys in the driveway. Unfortunately, almost everything was overpriced. $18 for a Fisher Price Musical table? I think not. Dude, you are selling your stuff in a driveway. Seriously! I did find a bag of Cowboys and Indians for Sarah and this Wonder Pets Fly Boat. I also bought that truck for Ryker in the first picture.

The sale on Facebook was next but didn't have much. Everything was well picked through but there were several other sales on the block so we stopped. I got some more hot rollers for .50 cents and two OCC coffee mugs for free.

I had to dig through a huge garbage bag of plush to find the Diego doll (for Ryker) and the four (one is not pictured above) security blankets.

The next stop I found some vtg My Little Pony. They are in well played with condition. I also picked up a Barbie car Ryker wanted. I wasn't going to buy it, but he threw it at the seller and the light cover fell off. It was an easy fix but the seller gave me that look so I bought it.

and at the last sale, I found a vintage puffalump with his shirt. I have sold two in the past for around $25.

Later in the day, I picked up a lot of Pocket Puppies off Facebook. This was the same lady I got the Kelly lot from. I'm wondering if she is figuring out I'm reselling the stuff on Ebay?

On Monday, I'm going to meet another person to buy a lot of Little Pet Shop. It's hard to tell from the picture but she says there are pets in there. Here's to hoping they are worth something.


  1. You did well. The ponies are a great sell along with the puffalump and the mugs. Not sure what you paid for it all but I think you will make a tidy profit.

  2. Just wanted to say you inspired me to start listing some stuff I have around my house (to start). I love treasure hunting :0

  3. You found some good stuff there!! The erasers are cool and something I'd NEVER have thought of! Loved seeing the pics.

  4. **Waving wildly** Hi Becky! LOL Love your posts and read every single one as you post them. If you get a chance please check out my new blog. I have added you to my blogroll but you already knew that. LOL Would love if you would add mine. That is if you like it. - Jen

  5. You look a lot younger than I am, but I still never heard of a "puffalump." How do I locate these, and how do you know it's a "puffalump?"