Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Facebook Finds and Sales

I bought two things off of Facebook this week: a Littlest Pet Shop toy and a Baby Einstein play mat.

The seller of the LPS toy wanted $10 I had $9 in my wallet and 4 quarters in my purse. By the time I got there, I had forgotten about the quarters and gave her the dollars. When I got home, I realized my mistake. I called her to let her know I thought I may have shorted her a dollar. She told me she hadn't counted the money as "I trust most people to be honest." I did not mean to short her and she told me she wasn't going to stress about a buck but her tone told me otherwise. I am an honest person and would not do this on purpose. Who doesn't count the money when they sell something?

The play mat is missing some pieces and the links but I should still be able to make a profit.

I sold 4 things on Facebook: papasan chair, a floor cleaner, some canisters and a toy.

I had this papasan chair for over 18 years. The cushion is new. My son was a little upset I sold it but no one uses it and it will be one less thing to move. Sold for $25

I've tried selling these yellow canisters on Ebay for a few months. There were watchers but no interest. I sold them to the person who bought the chair for $15

I sold the floor cleaner for $5 because I thought the buyer was going to buy something else from me and she changed her mind. I should have asked before I lowered the price. I also noticed the lock clip was missing so I wasn't sure if the canister would stay in place while being used. It must work because I have not heard back from her.

I bought this stacking toy for .75 at the consignment store. I sold it for $3 to a lady who previously bought a shelf from me.

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