Monday, July 9, 2012

Facebook Train Table and Other Finds

My Facebook group had some good stuff listed this weekend. Usually it's all taken before I have a chance to comment but I was on my computer when they listed it. The first item I wanted to purchase with the My Little Pony lot but the seller had another person interested before me. That sale fell through and I scored an Interactive Belle Doll.

She is pretty cool but her hair is messed up. You put the accessories into a port in her hand and they will talk to each other. Each dress will tell a different story. You have to plug the dress into her bottom to make her work. Then you either squeeze her left hand to make her talk or plug the items into her right hand.

The next item I found was a Kelly Doll House with a playground set. Apparently the playground set is hard to find and one seller has theirs priced at $350. It is new in the box but I think the seller is dreaming if he thinks anyone will pay that amount. Mine is a little on the high side but I also have best offer and free shipping.

and finally the deal of the week: a Thomas Train Table. It is suppose to go under a bed. I saw it a few days earlier and the seller had it priced at $100 or best offer. I was surprised he accepted my offer of $40. These tables retail for over $200. Plus the seller said he would be willing to drop it off for free.

Since it is an under the bed table, I assumed it would be smaller than a normal table. Nope. It's about the same size except it does not sit as high. I now see why he was so willing to drop it off. He probably thought if I came to his house, I would change my mind. (note to self: ask for dimensions when buying stuff off facebook)


  1. Cool table!Dang,I never find good stuff off my Facebook group.

  2. Nice table! I'm sure your little one will LOVE it!

    I scored a used Step 2 Canyon Road train/car table at Goodwill a few months ago for $5.99!! My kids will play with it for a year or so them I'll probably sell it in a garage sale for $20.

    My fb selling group sucks. Everything is overpriced and there is rarely good stuff.

  3. My FB is horrible. Barely any listings. Great finds. Love the train table. But it is a little big.