Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Facebook Sales And Rudeness

I had a couple of sales so far this week on Facebook. Two people were suppose to show up on Monday at my house but never did. I waited all day for them and sent them messages asking what was up. How people can be so rude is beyond me.

I sold this stroller for $3 I only paid $8 and used it for Ryker for 2 years. (Yes, I realize it is pink but it was the only one left at Target and I was desperate)

I got this Winnie the Pooh airplane at a garage sale for $3 I was going to flip it on Ebay but it did not work. Sold for $5

This next buyer was late in showing up. I thought for sure it would turn into a no show. Why are people so rude? If you are running late, is it too much to ask for you to call. Sold for $15

I had these book priced at $15 They were practically brand new. I had a buyer ask me if I would take $10 for them because she could purchase them brand new on Amazon for $9 I did not see any listings for $9 but whatever. I told her yes and that they were in very good shape. Again, why be rude?

I actually sold this coat rack off of Craigslist. The buyer was real nice and not rude at all. She also did not try to haggle on my price. I bought this to keep for $20 at the consignment shop, but the dog and the kids kept knocking it over. I sold it for $35

I also sold a My Little Pony to my sister for $3

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